About Us


Liquid Fire Studios is a team of designers that create custom content such as scenarios and mod packs for the games Age of Mythology, Age of Empires 3 and their expansions. The studio was launched in 2004 and over the years we’ve had the pleasure of many loveable and talented members, who’ve created a number of projects with a combined total of over 60,000 downloads! You may know us for such big works as the Legends of the Third Age campaign and modpack, or the smaller yet still very much enjoyable, Birthright or Project “Extremely Happy” – as well as many others.

How to Join

Currently, we are recruiting only on a per-project basis. That means we are only inviting people to help with projects that are already in the making. If you would like to join and help, please contact us using the details on the contact page.


We started with very… un-humble beginnings. Former Merlord Studios leader, RiderOfEternity and (in)famous designer Guardian_112 headed the team. Alongside us came the modder extraordinair eXtinction plus a handful of loveable members. We stormed through the ranks of design teams and quickly earned the respect of the community.

Over the next two years, we released a number of fun and great projects (check them out). Our glorious leaders also set up a merger (although it was more like an absorption) of the AOM Modders and Mappers Clan, whom were developing the Lord of the Rings project. It was mutually beneficial – Our reputation grew further and they received much support for the project, in the form of a new and efficient management system to get the project done and our marketing expertise. Further on, we adopted the Age of Star Wars project, which received similar aid.

In late 2005, Age of Empires 3 was released and we began transitioning to it. Two designers – MosheiLevi and TwoQTimes2 joined the team and would later become very popular for helping to bring multiplayer scenarios to the game and porting over Reyk’s New Editor. They also became accomplished designers. Our team members had many successes in creating winning screenshot competition entries, and we also developed scenarios. Unfortunately, we kept running into new bugs with each new patch. Some scenarios even became uneditable. Thus in the end, only two projects were released.

From 2006 to 2008, the design community struggled. Age of Mythology was getting a little old, but Age of Empires 3 wasn’t up to scratch to replace it – and neither was any other RTS. Due to this and also because of personal time restrictions, leading the team became difficult. We gradually stopped recruiting and developing projects. So for two years, Liquid Fire Studios was basically desolate.

Come Summer 2009. It became very apparent that life was still in to Age of Mythology. Designers had moved on from technical eye-candy ability, to more arty stylised creations. Though this change was very attractive to us, it wasn’t enough to bring us back in – except to finish off what we had started, with the release of Age of Star Wars and Legends of Middle Earth. Later on, in the future there is a chance we will fully revive to design for new games.

The Web Site

As of February 2012, this is the fith iteration of our website. This time around we are focusing much more on usability. The visual design has been greatly simplified and greater care has been taken to the navigation menu and also commenting. We use WordPress as the CMS, allowing guest commenting with an effective spam filter, as well easy user registration and management. We can even promote members to be able to edit content using the sleek interface. Other works by the author of this site can be seen here.