Age of Star Wars nearing top 50!

We’ve had a lot of fun making this project and tonight I am proud to announce that not only has Age of Star Wars broken the top 100 barrier for most downloaded mod, it’s also coming up to top 50th! This is very impressive when you remember that it was released little more than two months ago!

Red carpet

But this isn’t the only one of our projects that has garnered massive public attention.

Birthright and Heroes Chronicles by Guardian_112 are in the top 20 most downloaded singleplayer scenarios. Project “Extremely Happy” and Tactical by Nodgene are in the top 100 most downloaded multiplayer scenarios. Petar Tasev’s Tasev Mod Manager is closing in to the top 100 most downloaded utility. Finally, let’s not forget Legends of the Third Age: Fellowship of the Ring coming in at 3rd most downloaded ever file on AoMH.

Overall our projects have been downloaded by an estimated 30 – 40 thousand people across the world.

And the best thing about all this? We all genuinely had a lot of fun making and playtesting these projects together as a team. I think each of our members involved in the projects will have lasting memories of the good times

Thanks to Petar for making this list.

As of 14th November 2009:

AoSW – 68th in Mod Catagory
LTA: FoTR – 3rd out of all AoMH files
Project: “Clear Fountain” – 281st in MPScen Catagory
Project: “Extremely Happy” – 76th in MPScen Catagory
Heroes Chronicles v1.1 – 20th in SPScen Catagory
Tactical – 92nd in MPScen Catagory
Birthright The Adventure v1.2 – 16th in SPScen Catagory
TMM – 103rd in Utility Catagory