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The Long Hiatus

Hello there,

Just me, Inazuma, stopping in to give the word in on what’s happening with Liquid Fire Studios. You might think it’s largely irrelevant, but I still get emails with people asking about certain projects.

As I’ve mentioned in the past, I’m not quite willing to just let the studio disappear. It’s too much a part of a my existence growing up. Also I still like the name and feel it could be used for something in the future. For now though it will remain in this awkward gap between being alive and dead. A hiatus.

As for news on Legends of Middle Earth, well I can’t give you any unfortunately. There was some beta earlier testing last year, followed by a period of inactivity… which has lasted to this day. The project is huge as you can imagine and Stephen Caines is just one man with a hell of a lot of responsibility in the real world. So for now I hope you can find harbor in another game.

If you to know about me personally, well all I will say is I graduated from university last year and now work as a full-time animator. You can follow me on @scastilho or http://sebcastilho.com/

That’s it for now folks!

Troubleshoot FAQ – Legends of Middle Earth AND Age of Star Wars

Hey all,

Updated 8feb12

There’s a lot of questions being posted on the site or to the email. Here’s an FAQ; most of these fit Legends of the Third Age, Middle Earth and Age of Star Wars.

  1. The file I downloaded is corrupt.
    There may have been a hitch in your connection whilst downloading the file. Try downloading again. If it’s not that then the actual download source is corrupt and we’ll try to sort it out as soon as we’re aware.
  2. I can’t play online or with friends.
    We’re sorry, but the feature hasn’t been implemented. The feature was mistakenly advertised as being there. In terms of LoME, the multiplayer option was removed to tidy up the screen which linked to AoMH’s multiplayer servers.  I have seen reference elsewhere to the ability for two PCs to play over a LAN/direct connection and if this can be confirmed I can reinstate the option in the menu.  Having never played multi-player myself, I don’t know much about it, but if someone can explain how it works, I will look into it.  In terms of setting up dedicated LoME servers it won’t happen without financial backing (and I’m not sure this would be legal given the ownership of the core AOMX engine).
  3. The computer doesn’t do anything in standard games.
    Unfortunately we didn’t have any programmers in our team to actually program an AI for the computer.  LoME TTT was released with one of the AI files missing.  The full AI was posted shortly after but it has only been downloaded about 200 times so most people have no installed it.  The latest release – just posted here at LFS – should have all the files (will wait until someone downloads it to confirm).
  4. Things don’t look right – models, textures, etc are missing.
    The mod probably wasn’t installed correctly. Make sure that no other mods were installed prior to installing ours; don’t even install more than one of our mods at a time. Best case scenario is for you to make a fresh install of the game, copy the folder and rename it; then install the mod (into the folder that isn’t the one you just copy and pasted).  LoME and Star Wars (I think) both use seperate versions of most key files stored in a series of .bar files.  This means that key files such as proto, techtree, etc are unique to the games and won’t interfere with the standard version.  The main exceptions to this rule are uicampaign.xmb and uipregamenew.xmb and LoME 4.0 the forest, cliff, waterbodies etc definitions (now unique in 4.1).  If you have installed another mod that places these as free standing files, they will be loaded in preference to the ones we release.  The same thing applies to other mods with the same name – e.g. if you already have an Aragorn_anim.txt file the game will use this rather than our version, ditto for models, textures, or other files with the same name.
  5. There are bugs in scenarios or other parts of the mods.
    Our releases are playtested thoroughly, but sometimes things go wrong. You can report the bug, but unfortunately due to lack of manpower we most likely won’t be able to fix them.  Please provide a detailed description of the problem and we will look into it.  Bugs consisting of it doesn’t work won’t be looked at.
  6. Anything else.
    We are very appreciative of your interest in our mods and thankful for your feedback. However we literally can’t change anything about them now since non of the designers are active. The whole studio is on hiatus until I (RiderOfEternity/Inazuma) feel it’s time to revive it for a new game.

Thanks 🙂



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