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Legends of Middle Earth coming soon

This is the followup to our 2007 release of Legends of the Third Age: Fellowship of the Ring. Legends of Middle Earth (LoME) is a complete Lord of the Rings experience for Age of Mythology, converting all the civilisations to playable factions from the story. As well as this, there is a huge campaign that has been crafted to perfection by a handful of passionate designers. The experience is completed with a score composed by our resident professional musician.

The project will be officially released very soon. You can find some more information about it here: http://liquidfirestudios.com/projects/legends-of-middle-earth/

Update: Possible release by December 🙂

Age of Star Wars released

We’re very excited to announce our first release in two years! Age of Star Wars is the product of much love and passion for the Star Wars universe and for modding. This modpack includes around a hundred new units and a new game type. You can play as the CIS, Republic, Rebels and Empires in a battle for planets in our new RMS’.

For more information, visit the project page.

Download it here: http://aom.heavengames.com/downloads/showfile.php?fileid=8986

Disturbance in the force

Many apologies to people who have been waiting for Age of Star Wars. Due to unforeseen circumstances (a disturbance in the force), we have to delay the release.

A Liquidic Existence

As promised, here’s a succinct update about what’s going on 🙂 First para is the backstory.

Our studio launched in the good old year of 2004. A year later, Age of Empires 3 was released and we slowly started transitioning to it. Sadly, by late 2006, it was becoming clear that the design community with this game wasn’t really taking off. Age of Mythology design was also going through a weird period as people were unsure whether to move on or not. To add to that, my own free time was becoming sparse and I became incapable of leading the team effectively. We decided to try to pass on leadership roles to other members, but this failed quickly and by mid 2007, LFS became a desolate team…

We never did officially close though, and two years later the studio has suddenly popped back into the spotlight with Age of Star Wars and Legends of Middle Earth.

The story is very simple really – Continue reading

New forum for a new site

I have now opened our new forum which will replace the old one 😎

http://liquidfirestudios.com/forum/ or follow the link on the right ->

We are keeping it simple for now, with just two forums, plus one private one for LFS members. The studio is staying under the radar (staying quiet), so we’re not expecting too much activity.

Registration takes like 20 seconds and your account will be able to post on the site and the forums 🙂

Tune back in in a week or two as I will be updating you about what’s actually going on with the sudden reawakening of the studio.