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New forum for a new site

I have now opened our new forum which will replace the old one 😎

http://liquidfirestudios.com/forum/ or follow the link on the right ->

We are keeping it simple for now, with just two forums, plus one private one for LFS members. The studio is staying under the radar (staying quiet), so we’re not expecting too much activity.

Registration takes like 20 seconds and your account will be able to post on the site and the forums 🙂

Tune back in in a week or two as I will be updating you about what’s actually going on with the sudden reawakening of the studio.


Welcome 🙂

This site is currently in development and will be the new home of Liquid Fire Studios (previously liquidfirestudios.net) – the Age of Mythology and Age of Empires 3 design team.

Our aims with this new site are:

  • For people to be able to use one account to comment on the site and the forum.
  • To allow other trusted members to edit site content easily.
  • Create a new clean, yet lightly textured design.

The top two goals will be achieved by using this CMS – WordPress, in conjunction with a forum plugin.

However, please understand that this new site does not signify a revival of the team. Rather, it is planning for the future. WordPress is a very well supported, modern and free CMS. Whereas our current/old CMS, Invision Power Board is two years old due to lack of funding for renewal of its license. So if we ever were to revive then we would do so with a fresh start.

Check back in September, by which time everything should be in place.