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ABE: AoM Brg Editor

Over my winter break I was looking for something new to program, and so I set my eyes on the Age of Mythology brg file. While Ykkrosh did a great job with AoMEd, the model exporting/importing is very incomplete. I decided to make my own plugin for 3ds Max that would import/export brgs, and allow you to edit them directly from the interface.  It was the first time I ever had to deal with 3D models in programming, so I was very happy to get some experience with that, and I feel like I learned a lot. This was a very fun project, and you can find out more about it by pressing the image below.

As for some background information on myself, I joined LFS somewhere between 2004-05. I helped Orc Master with his amazing Star Wars mod, and moved on to racing games in 2008, where I began programming applications for them. I am currently studying computer engineering, and am hoping to graduate by spring of 2015. I’d like to close by saying thanks to people like Orc Master, Sir Dundo, Stephen Caines, and Inazuma who have all had a part in shaping my childhood. Cheers!

The Long Hiatus

Hello there,

Just me, Inazuma, stopping in to give the word in on what’s happening with Liquid Fire Studios. You might think it’s largely irrelevant, but I still get emails with people asking about certain projects.

As I’ve mentioned in the past, I’m not quite willing to just let the studio disappear. It’s too much a part of a my existence growing up. Also I still like the name and feel it could be used for something in the future. For now though it will remain in this awkward gap between being alive and dead. A hiatus.

As for news on Legends of Middle Earth, well I can’t give you any unfortunately. There was some beta earlier testing last year, followed by a period of inactivity… which has lasted to this day. The project is huge as you can imagine and Stephen Caines is just one man with a hell of a lot of responsibility in the real world. So for now I hope you can find harbor in another game.

If you to know about me personally, well all I will say is I graduated from university last year and now work as a full-time animator. You can follow me on @scastilho or http://sebcastilho.com/

That’s it for now folks!

Legends of Middle Earth – The Return of the King available for testing.

12 of the 17 scenarios for the final instalment of the Legends of Middle Earth Trilogy have been posted to LFS.  As development resources are scarce, it would be great for some testing and feedback from the LFS community.  It is hoped that the project will finally be finished by mid-year (or before the release of the Hobbit movie anyway).  The new Legends of Middle Earth homepage includes links to the new scenarios and allows for feedback on bugs or suggested improvements.  Scenarios will vary in length from 5 minute cinematics to 1-2 hour quests.  The scenarios are more aligned to the original book and so includes the Elves attack on Dol Guldur; Dale, Erebor and Mirkwood’s defence of the North and the hobbits returning to Scour the Shire.  The new release should also fix some outstanding issues (though as always it will probably replace them with new ones).

P.S. Single Player now works (haven’t heard a compliant to the contrary), and if people want to discuss a multiplayer option (SEE STOP PRESS) too late I think that is fixed!

Thankyou to anyone who takes the time to do some testing.



You ask, and we deliver.  The LAN multiplayer option has been reintroduced as a result of Steak and Khan telling me it actually use to work.  It is posted here.  Not tested yet but will try with my kids tomorrow, but if you want to score a first down, get in quick!  I’m pretty sure it will work because I didn’t actually change anything!  Update: Tried it over the weeked and got it to connect, but kept getting sync errors.  Waiting for someone who knows how multiplayer works to see if it is just me:(



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