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This is how we’re celebrating Christmas

This year we will be holding a street party in ROE (RiderOfEternity) Alley 😀

And we’ll travel there by the official LFS taxi!

Merry Christmas everybody 😀

(Yes I saw this street and taxi coincidentally and quickly took my phone out to take a shot)

LoME pre-release testing!

Here it is folks, the moment you’ve been waiting for. A good number of people have already emailed me in the past few weeks asking about when this was going to happen, so without furher ado:

“Lars and I have finally had some free time, so we want to launch The Two Towers – and I am still planning to do ROTK and the Hobbit.
What we need now is some Beta game testers.

To test the game you will need to have the latest version of Legends of Middle Earth, which is available HERE, username = lomefiles, password = guardian. The release is about 120MB, with updates a lot smaller (and hopefully the 3.10 patch is the last!

By this weekend, the beta release of the scenarios will be available, and we want a bunch of people to playtest it.

If you are interested please email me at stephencaines@impulse.net.au and I will send you the additional login details for the scenario folder.

What we want from you is constructive feedback on bugs and playability. The campaign comprises 15 scenarios, and you will probably need to commit 30-40 hours to the task.

Look forward to hearing from volunteers!

Stephen and Lars”

So grab the files and make sure to give us feedback! This is a serious request. Email stephencaines@impulse.net.au and give him feedback.

Age of Star Wars nearing top 50!

We’ve had a lot of fun making this project and tonight I am proud to announce that not only has Age of Star Wars broken the top 100 barrier for most downloaded mod, it’s also coming up to top 50th! This is very impressive when you remember that it was released little more than two months ago!

Red carpet

But this isn’t the only one of our projects that has garnered massive public attention.

Birthright and Heroes Chronicles by Guardian_112 are in the top 20 most downloaded singleplayer scenarios. Project “Extremely Happy” and Tactical by Nodgene are in the top 100 most downloaded multiplayer scenarios. Petar Tasev’s Tasev Mod Manager is closing in to the top 100 most downloaded utility. Finally, let’s not forget Legends of the Third Age: Fellowship of the Ring coming in at 3rd most downloaded ever file on AoMH.

Overall our projects have been downloaded by an estimated 30 – 40 thousand people across the world.

And the best thing about all this? We all genuinely had a lot of fun making and playtesting these projects together as a team. I think each of our members involved in the projects will have lasting memories of the good times

Thanks to Petar for making this list.

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Knocked out

AoMH are currently hosting a third screenshot tournament. Designers are pitted against each other in a knockout elimination with four rounds.

Here are my entries to the last tournament.


Theme: Determination


Theme: Elementalist


Theme: Druid

I was knocked out in the semi finals by Nightfever

Liquid Fire Studios website mk. 4

The project started around mid-August in preparation for Age of Star Wars’ release. I produced the design and coded it in to a WordPress theme by the 19th. Originally it was light, but after a few days I converted it to black for more badass power.

Since then, I’ve been working on content, and now it’s finally done! Continue reading