Age of Mythology Releases:

Legends of Middle Earth: The Return of the King
This is the followup to our 2011 release of The Two Towers.
Legends of Middle Earth: Fellowship of the Ring & The Two Towers
This is the followup to our 2007 release of Legends of the Third Age: Fellowship of the Ring. Legends of Middle Earth (LoME) is a complete Lord of the Rings experience for Age of Mythology, converting all the civilisations to playable factions from the story. As well as this, there is a huge campaign that has been crafted to perfection by a handful of passionate designers. The experience is completed with a score composed by our resident professional musician.
Tasev Mod Manager
A great utility that allows you to switch mods on and off very easily. A true hidden gem of the community.
Age of Star Wars
A large scale modpack lovingly created by a few very skilled individuals. This adds a hundred new units from the Star Wars universe. You can play as the CIS, Republic, Rebel Alliance and the Empire in a battle for planets in our new RMS’, or create your own scenarios to share and play with the community.
Legends of the Third Age: The Fellowship of the Ring
The product of two years work by a handful of talented and passionate designers. This project includes a huge campaign following the story of the first movie of the trilogy. A huge number of new units with high quality textures and models have been crafted, and the experience is completed with a score composed by our resident professional musician.
Project “Clear Fountain” a.k.a The Wrath of the Angry Narrator and a Lot of Peltasts
A quick and awesome multiplayer scenario for up to 6 players. You face the challenge of hordes of enemies. How high a score can you achieve before you inevitably fall? It’s the ultimate big e-penis competition for Age of Mythology.
Project “Extremely Happy”
A very refreshing scenario. Three teams (up to 9 players); each with different specialisations battle it out on a uniquely shaped island with various chokeholds and water-landing points. Yes, you can face the enemy directly, or hit them from behind when they’re not looking!
Heroes Chronicles
An extremely fun adventure scenario featuring popular forumers and places from HeavenGames, created by one of its most famous designers.
The multiplayer strategic bloodbath. Up to 8 players battle over specially crafted lands, over the control of god goats and cows and over territory. An intelligent system gives players the choice of spawning diverse armies and upgrading them to your liking.
One of the most famous scenarios in the history of Age of Mythology. This fantasy RPG allows you to customise your character and takes them on an epic adventure across the land of Vvarvandfel fighting beasts, thieves, and gladiators while completing more than 150 quests available across the world.
Incident 39
An expansive modpack bringing the world of Jurassic Park to the game, including modern buildings and weapons, as well as many very highly detailed beasts. A number of scenarios following the film’s story have also been created and are complete with sounds and music.

Screenshot competition entries:

Guardian of Isis: Pretty Town Competition 2006
Urgwaine: Pretty Town Competition 2006
Papaya: Hocus Pocus 2006
Urgwaine: Hocus Pocus 2006
Inazuma: Screenshot Tournament 2 – Round 1, 2, 3

Age of Empires 3 Releases:

Roanoke 3
One of Age of Empires 3’s most popular and followed campaigns. Roanoke 3 continues the expansive story of its prequels, with all new fun and action.
The story of Saint Castin. This is a fast paced build and destroy with the injection of some of America’s colorful past. This story begins as Castin returns to Pentagoet, with his Albenaki heritage and French noble birth rite becomes a major player in the battle for rich recourse laden region of the new world, Arcadia.
Invisible Target mini-mod
Adds an “invisible target” unit that can be seen and selected in the editor, but not in game. One use of this is to make units look like they’re training at a barracks. Check out the screenshots.
Mini-editor mod 1
A mini mod that enables free camera movement in the editor.

Notable unfinished projects:

Jack Absolute
El Dorado
Unto These Hills
Ronin Episodes

Screenshot Awards:

Swift Sampson: The Last Charge
sziggi: The Whites of Their Eyes
twoqtimes2: The Alamo
Swift Sampson: The Next Morning
YousAHo: Battleship
sziggi: And Music is Her Name
YousAHo: Unexpected Visitors
twoqtimes2: Old Tuscon
YousAHo: Egypt
Swift Sampson: Aftermath
Swift Sampson: The Carib
twoqtimes2: “Native Sunset”