Created by Guardian_112

Winner of the Most Challenging Scenario Award 2004!

Runner-Up Best Single Player Map of 2004!

Runner-Up Best Scenario Designer 2004!

Birthright is a Fantasy Role Playing Scenario/Game (RPG) that takes you on an epic adventure across the land of Vvarvandfel fighting beasts, thieves, and gladiators while completing the more than 150 quests available accross the world.

The RPG boasts extraordinary replayability value since it gives you the ability to customize your own character by:

  • Selecting Race (Human, Dwarf or Creature)
  • Selecting Name
  • Selecting Gender (Male and Female)
  • Selecting Weapon (Long Range or Melee)
  • The RPG also boasts these features-
  • 512 X 512 map covered with tons of eye candy similiar to that seen in the KoTM series- a massive world with 5 major cities each with dozens and dozens of quests.
  • Realistic enviornment- ambitient sounds, day/night cycle and weather effects.
  • Over 100 quests, an engaging, interesting story line and epic RPG play.
  • Rob houses if thievery is your dream.
  • Purchase AND customize your own pet.
  • Stamina and Hunger meters to add to the suspense and the challenge.
  • Tons of special areas to visit- try your luck in the gladitorial Arena, visit the local zoo or travel towards the lost island of mystery.
  • Gain Experience to defeat your foes.
  • Collect money, weaponry or magic spells from the bodies of your fallen foes.
  • Upgrade your characters using an easy upgrade system (with the money you earn through quests).
  • Join several guilds, including the notorious assassin’s guild.
  • Teleport to any location you would like- at a certain price, ofcourse.

Download it from here:

Be sure to print out the readme, as it will help a lot in playing the game.

Please note, we are currently looking for the music file and screenshots to add to this page.