A number of The Return of the King campaigns were started while The Two Towers was being developed.  The maps for Defence of Osgiliath and Forest of the Green Leaves were started by Guardian of Isis and the Paths of the Dead and the final scene in The Grey Havens by Oscar.  Oscar also created a number of middle earth panoramas (pre a lot of the ME specific buildings) which I used for inspiration and design concepts in creating the basic maps of Gondor and Rohan used in a number of scenarios.  Similarly the start point for Return to Moria is Guardian’s Lothlorien from Forest of the Green leaves.



As a body of work Legends of Middle Earth comprises 510 new units, 1,773 new models and decals, 2,366 textures, a custom AI, a dedicated game engine, its own online history and techtree capabilities, and 45 scenarios.   Over the years many people have contributed to this endeavour including:

Models: Dnas, Dude12345, FlipBizcut (1979-2005), Guardian of Isis, GURE, King Jared, Sir Dundo, The Modsmith

Textures: Antisback, Coolsk8ter32, Daemon Crudelis, Dnas, Guardian of Isis, Sir Dundo, King Jared, Sjouke,


Original Music: MscMixer, BlueDragon27

Original Artwork: Daniel Govar, Lisa Dmytruk

Scenario Designers:

Fellowship of the Ring: BlueDragon27, EaZy_Ben, Guardian of Isis, Myst, Razzia

The Two Towers: BlueDragon27, CStanford, EaZy_Ben, Guardian of Isis, Razzia, Stephen Caines (Dots)


… And the wealth of knowledge gained from …,,,,, and



AOMEmod (the game .exe) was developed by me (Stephen Caines) based on the AOMXmod by Ykkrosh.  The AOMEai was also developed by me (Stephen Caines) based on the Admiral AI by Kalus.  I also star in The Northern Front as King Brand!




Legends of Middle Earth was developed using: AOM Editor by Ykkrosh, AOM Bar Builder by Ykkrosh, AOME Game Text Editor by Vachu, GMAX by Discreet Software, Programmer’s Notepad by Echo Software, Inno Setup Compiler by

Jordan Russell & Martin Laan, RAD Video Tools, Gimp2, Microsoft Paint and Notepad



A big thanks to Rider for putting up with us for so long.