General LoME Issues and FAQs

Some general issues in regards to LoME.

1.  While Legends of Middle Earth is released in a way that allows it to remain separate from the standard AoMX game, it does still share some files in common.  If you have any freestanding files (in your data folder in particular) from other mods, these may inadvertently take precedence of those is the LoME .bar files.  If you have a problem this is a good place to look first.  The modified data files used in LoME are clifftypes.xmb, forest.xmb, skies.xmb, uicampaign.xmb, uipregamenew.xmb and waterbodies.xmb.  These are stored in, but any freestanding version of these files will take precendence.  If you want the features of both mods, you may need to merge the changes.

(Note: Cliffs, forest, skies and water use unique .xmb file names from Release 4.1)

2. LoME does support single player random maps.  Unfortunately the Two Towers release was missing some AI files and it has been assumed that this doesn’t work.  The full set of AI files is available on AOMH and in the current 4.1 Release.  I note of 5,000-odd people who have downloaded LOME, only a few hundred have download the AI!

3. Multiplayer games – I have never tried multiplayer on AoMX so I don’t really know what is involved.  At present the multi-player option is not there as it was just taking up space in the menu.  If anyone has an idea for how it could be implemented I can easily add it back in again.

4. In a mod of this size bugs are bound to occur.  My life is made much simpler when a bug is raised in a professional manner.  With roughly 10,000 files and several hundred thousand lines of code – “it doesn’t work” is not much help.  The more information on a problem that you can provide, the more likely that I will be able to fix it quickly.



This is a new version of the uipregamenew.xmb file that should allow multiplayer LAN games.  Just place it in your AoM/data folder.  Can someone please advise if it works and if so I will put it in the main game download.