Mini Editor Mod 1

Please note this mod was created not long after the game’s release. As such, I recommend using Reyk’s New Editor:

What does it do?
This is a mini mod for the editor; it creates a camera controller that can be used to change the camera pitch and zoom, etc, in real time.

Note: I do not take credit for the codes or images in this mod. I have simply copy and pasted a few things and changed minor things here and there. Most of this was mod was made by Reyk and Cheezy, who made the editor mod for Age of Mythology. This mod can therefore be counted as a ‘port’, however it has taken me considerable effort to make everything work properly.

Screen 1
Screen 2

Download here!

Copy the two folders: “art” and “data” into the directory in which your age of empires 3 is installed (the one with the Age3.exe).