Project “Extremely Happy”

Project Extremely Happy logo

Created by Nodgene (TheNodgene1)

One of the top 100 most downloaded multiplayer scenarios!

A Brand New and Fresh strategy scenario! Three opposing teams, with one to three players in each, battle it out on a unique island, grabbing gold, killing enemies and destroying each others’ bases. Each of the three teams specialise in either Speed, Armour or Hitpoints, and each has a unique unit selection.

Host can choose from a cluster of options that could change how the game plays or how it looks. One of the options give gold rewards for kills, another one puts the map into ‘Christmas mode’ – hailing snow onto the map and putting snow onto the trees.

The players ponder on an island surrounded by water and filled with beaches, mountains and pathways… So there’s good chances of many a beach parties.. Or whatever name you see fit for behind-back invasions or raiding party landings 😉


  • Unique Island: The strangely shaped island holds many narrow pathways and beaches for your strategic entertainment.
  • Multi-play, Multi-team game: Players are each put in one of three teams, each specialising in a different unit stat.
  • Up to 9 Players
  • “Extremely Happy” Lighting: If the Day/Night option isn’t selected a special extremely light lighting will show.
  • Playtested by the World’s Best: The scenario has been playtested by many, many people, including some of AOMH’s greats, like PFTQ and Mythos Ruler.
  • Customisability: Host can choose a range of options to change gameplay and game view.

Download here: