Roanoke 3

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Discover the world, the mysteries, the secrets and the Ones(Owns) in this epic adventure.
Roanoke 3: History and the Freemasons
Created by CaveTown

The Setting

Farther into the future the great Roanoke people and other newer friends who have survived still struggle to stop Jod and Ickh. This new area of time is confusing to them, great changes of history have been made by Jod and Ickh to help their situation in the future, and to help the Ones(“owns”).

Their destiny will happen. The Freemasons are also trying to stop them and use Ones(“owns”) themselves, the Freemasons are only trying to gain power by doing so. The strange people of the ruined Roanoke including Virginia and Brogs struggle to stop Daniel Boone and Jod from stopping them.

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The Game
In the beginning you play as Ickh’s side; but destinys change and soon you will become as the side of Roanoke, and meet Daniel Boone on the battlefield at Fort Alamo. The Never Changing History Scribe is the only One(own) who can tell what’s going on…
You, the player, will venture into perilous quests involving RPG, Build & Destroy and many more elements – to eventually defeat the ultimate One(Own) –

But will you survive till Chapter 2?

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