Created by Nodgene (TheNodgene1)

One of the top 100 most downloaded multiplayer scenarios!

A Multiplayer Strategic Bloodbath

Download here: http://aom.heavengames.com/downloads/showfile.php?fileid=3686

Massed combat over land, bloodshed over the capture of God Goats, strategic manoeuvring over marshy hills and valleys… Liquid Fire Studios presents you with the all new, original, fast paced strategic blood map, Tactical.

Choose your soldiers, Fight over the control of fructifying points, Pick the upgrades and pour out the damage, Tactical takes multiplayer scenarios to a whole new level!

  • Battlefield: Battle it out in swampy marshes crafted to aid the fast paced agressive action.
  • Strategy- Required: Think fast! Tactics and quick decisions in this game are everything.
  • Fast paced action: Fanatically enjoyable gameplay with fast paced fighting.
  • Well explained: A well written optional cinematic shows how to play the scenario.
  • Balanced and Playable: Intense playtesting has made sure that there are no bugs, exploits, or imbalance; making sure the scenario is playable and loaded with features!
  • Lighting: Well chosen lighting to fade from light to dark, dark to light.
  • Three resources, three uses: Wood, Food and Gold play a major part in the scenario, collect them to spawn units, buy upgrades and secure god powers.
  • Land Grab: Contest with your enemies for the four spots on the map that generate wood for you to spawn soldiers.
  • Eight Players: Play with upto seven other people online!
  • God Goats and Cows: Fight over the main sources of gold; the God Goats and God Cows.
  • Customizable Armies: Choose what units to spawn, what upgrades to get and which god powers to use! Each army on the battlefield can be very unique.
  • Choice: Players can choose whether quality or quantity is better with the unique system of being able to buy many weaker units with the top spawn selector or buy the stronger units with their standard selectors.

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Download here: http://aom.heavengames.com/downloads/showfile.php?fileid=3686