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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away….

It was a time of galactic strife, the Trade Federation disillusioned with the Galactic Republic and encouraged by the voice of Darth Sidious engaged in a blockade of the peaceful planet Naboo. This set in motion a series of events culminating in the Clone Wars, this also lead to the humble Senator Palpatine from Naboo becoming Supreme Chancellor of the Republic.

War was declared and the Republic’s recently grown Clone Army battled against the mechanised might of the Confederacy of Independent Systems. The conflict spread across the entire galaxy enshrouding worlds in violence and strengthening Palpatine’s power in the Senate. At the close of the war Supreme Chancellor Palpatine declared himself Emperor and started a purge of the Jedi. His actions turned Republic into Empire, this new order had its opposition and they were the seeds of a Rebellion against the new Empire. In the years that followed the Rebellion against the Empire grew to be a threat to its safety and stability.

To quell dissent the Empire created the Death Star, a super weapon capable of destroying entire planets in a single blow. With this the Empire tried to wipe out the Rebel threat once and for all, in an attack on Yavin IV the Rebellion’s base. This attempt was foiled and the Death Star destroyed by a young Jedi called Luke Skywalker. The Galactic Civil War raged on until news of a Second Death Star reached the Rebellion.

The Rebels launched a final attack on the Empire; their hope lay in the fact was that it was still under construction over the forest moon of Endor. They arrived to find that not only were the Empire’s forces expecting them but the space station was fully operational. A frantic struggle began between the Rebel and Imperial forces both in space and on the planet below, finally the shield generator protecting the Death Star was brought down and the Rebels were able to launch a successful strike destroying the super weapon with Palpatine onboard. The ensuing explosion marked the beginning of the end, with the loss of the Emperor and the destruction of the Death Star the Empire began to crumble.

An expansive modification, covering the Galactic Republic, Confederacy of Independent Systems, Galactic Empire and the Rebel Alliance
The modpack converts each civilisation into a faction of this inter-galactic space opera. Dozens of new units with new models and high resolution textures, complete with sounds have been created. This includes most of the land troops, heroes and starfighters seen in the Star Wars movies. The project utilises our own proprietary method for enabling and disabling mods, so as not to affect your original game.

Take the struggle for galactic control online
Our main gameplay type sees players use their fleets of starfighters and land armies to battle for control of territory on distant planets. We will elaborate on our unique gameplay experience in a showcase in the near future.


Republic vs CIS Gungans vs Droids Jedi vs Sith, Starfighters vs TIE fighters

Ewok unit showcase Battle of Hoth. At-AT's, Stormtroopers, Snowspeeders, Rebels!


The team behind it all…

Their skill far surpasses their fame (or lack thereof)…

  • Orc Master (Project Founder)
  • Petar (Project Lead)
  • Scorpion Ra
  • Inazuma
  • Dead Head
  • BigFatz
  • CStanford
  • Unome
  • Emjer

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