Heroes Chronicles

Created by Guardian_112


Heroes Chronicles is a massive scenario based on the Age of Mythology Heaven Community. Don’t worry, you can still enjoy it even if you’re not familiar with it.

F E A T U R E S:

  • Massive map based on the AoMH Community, with memorable locations including the mystical Tree City and the battle ravaged Ambition Designs.
  • Fast-paced combat- switch between ranged or melee weapons, and fight in huge battles along with your party of fellow forumers.
  • Based on the forumers of AoMH- see them walking, recruit them to your team, or kill them! The choice is yours.
  • Alternate endings to many missions.
  • ‘Exclusive’ voice work done by Elpea himself for his unit (appears after Elpea is changed back to normal).
  • Unique missions varying from easy to hard.
  • Great soundtrack featuring Black knight and the Llama song!


I N S T A L L A T I O N:

  1. Place the SCENARIO called Lp.scx inside the SCENARIOS folder.
  2. Place every single file inside the ‘Sounds’ folder inside the SOUNDS folder inside your Age of Mythology
    directory. Please do not place the folder itself, go inside and extract the sound files directly into the
    AoM sounds folder (I.E., don’t put a sounds folder within the sounds folder).
  3. Place the ‘HC Logo.ddt’ inside the TEXTURES folder in your Age of Mythology Directory.

If it lags, lowering the resolution might help. Please be aware that the first 10 minutes will lag as
triggers are unleashed, after that, you should experience none at all. Enjoy!

Download here: http://aom.heavengames.com/downloads/showfile.php?fileid=4295