Incident 39 Teaser

Created by eXtinction

Incident 39 Alpha Teaser v1.0

Isla Sorna, 87 miles Southwest of Isla Nublar…

In the heavy fog, amongst the dense foliage, a sound from another world echoed
throughout the jungle. How could it have come to this. Waking in the heat, Steven found himself lost and frightened. Everything was a blurr…his head still ached from the fall. It came again- the long cry of a creature time had chosen to forget. But time had lost the fight, and men had succeeded. At leaste that’s what Thorn had believed – until now…


I-39, is a mod which spans 65 million years in the making. Experiance Age of Mythology in a world that time forgot. The lush forests, the secretive society, and the terrifying reality.


  • Over 108 new objects for use in the Scenario editor, that will not interfere with the original AoM.
  • Easy to install bar files (thanks to Ykkrosh and AoMPlayer000).
  • New Pacific Jungle forest type complete with trees and lush grass, which sways gently in the breeze or thrashes in tropical storms.
  • Building elements such as walls, rooves and embellishments which will allow scenario designers to make building interiors.
  • New units, complete with all the necessary animations (walk, bored, die etc). Including roaming butterflies, dinosaurs, and modern units.
  • Very High quality models.
  • Custom made cinematic scenes for use in your own game.
  • A taste of the massive campaign that you can expect including a tutorial, cinematic, and 1 stage. Complete with voice overs and animations. A different way of playing Aom. Note this is a very early build of the cinematic, and is only intended as a showcase..
  • Inventory Items.
  • 30 new terrains (including some of the older ones that I had no use for…but maybe you could use them).
  • Icons and roll over ID’s.
  • Interactive environments.
  • New dark river water type.
  • Environmental effects including mist.
  • I-39 menu background.

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