Invisible Target mini-mod

Another mini-mod by RiderOfEternity! (Inazuma)

This mini-mod will give you a new editor unit, “Invisible target”, which works exactly like the one in Age of Mythology. It is also similar to “IGC Target” in Age of Empires 3, except this is not clickable in-game, does not spurt blood when hit, does not move when hit, does not have a health bar, amongst other differences. In Age of Mythology this unit was mainly used for making a soldier look like he’s hitting a manekin or bulls-eye at the barracks/archery range; I have designed this Age of Empires 3 unit to be used for the same kind of purpose.

–SEE screenshots of it in action here

Install instructions are present in the Readme file within the download.

Download Here: AoE3H