Scenario 09: The Siege of Gondor

Scenario Description

It’s taking form, but given the number of enemy troops, realism means you last about 5 minutes.  Hmm!  Hope to have a play concept shortly, but my initial thoughts are to add Pelennor Fields and Aragorn and the Dead People into one Scenario.

Sample Screenshots

Initial Concept Shot ….



Gothmog rides into Minas Tirith

Deployment of Minas Tirith Troops.

Oh No!  A Siege Tower that may actually beach a wall!


Final MT Look, Major prize for those who can spot the 10 differences from the concept shot. (Needs rendered sky)

(the blue guys do not count)




Scenario Download:



Any comments, identified bugs, or constructive suggestions are welcome.

Note: These scenarios require Legends of Middle Earth version 4.1 which can he downladed here.  Version 4.0, posted here and at AoMH  in February 2011, will not support all of the ROTK scenarios.