S.D by: (sziggi) James M Linscott
Editing\Testing by: Twoqtimes2
Dedicated to the creators of “Blood, Ice, Steel”.

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Hello again fellow formers, gamers, and designers. I would like to present to you for your entertainment, “Pentagoet” the story of Saint Castin. This is a fast past build and destroy with the injection of some of America’s colorful past. This story begins as Castin returns to Pentagoet, with his Albenaki heritage and French noble birth rite becomes a major player in the battle for rich recourse laden region of the new world, Arcadia.

Occupying this trade post on a realistic area map, control a river trade rout, building with ornery Coureurs de bois and their ally the native Mi`kmaq villagers, to secure French interests. The story follows Saint Castin as his life intertwines with history, to be recalled again for better or worse, beloved or otherwise.

For game plays sake the scenario follows major story constructs up to the fall of Fort William Henry. If there is an interest there could be a “defense of Port Royal” scenario.

This scenario has an “abort cinematic” escape feature that will disable cinematic for faster action, moving you through the objectives.

I consider the difficulty level to be medium hard, yet with replay, occurrences can be mastered. There are a few secrets to keep things moving and the modding of unit stats is balanced to excel the action and reward efforts.

On a straight through test of my own this plays about an hour. The map and design has been worked for non-lag>design orientation and should run on most comps. If this is not the case and the problem is recurring I will rework a stripped down map for max action.


HISTORY – of Saint Castin and Pentagoet

Pentagoet- Fort Penobscot on the Penobscot bay now Tranquil Castine, the “Gateway to Down-East” and home and safe haven of our hero Bernard-Anselme d’Abbadie de Saint-Castin (fourth baron(1689-1720)).

An Indian Metis born and educated in France he comes to Arcadia ensign in the Carignan Regiment in 1670 to Acadia, and established Fort Pentagoet with 14 soldiers rehabilitating Acadia hence forth till 1684.

His Mother a true Albenaki princess and his father a French noble, trains him rigorously. He Marries Mathilde Madokawando; daughter to Chief Madokawando and had several Metis daughters all married to Frenchmen.

1674 August 10: Jurriaen Aernoutsz, a Dutch privateer with war license, captured Pentagoet. Its guns turning in on it’s self, destroying the walls and buildings completely.

Aernoutsz captures Jacques de Chambly (d-1687) Governor of Acadia. Saint Castin also on account, was tortured by Aernouts later freed by payment of ransom by the Governor of Quebec

Again in 1676 the Dutch returned and began to fortify the deserted French Fort. The English at Boston were alarmed and sent three war ships to drive the Dutch home. The English had no desire to occupy this fort..

The nearest English settlement, the premier English fort at Pemaquid, Fort William Henry is submerged in French sympathetic Indian influence and is at constant odds with the trade capital of the region.

1696 There is a Prisoner exchange at Fort Henry, and Negotiators Chief Egeremet and two of his sons are shot to death. Taxous, another chief, manages to escape.

Castin with French and Indian forces attack Fort William Henry. After an all night battle the English were allowed to leave yet then suddenly slaughtered.

A shift to Port Royal, a theater beyond “Pentagoet” (‘s) telling.

June 1707 the Governor, of Port Royal Daniel d’Auger de Subercase (1661-1732), asked Castin for help in fighting the army of English John March of Newbury who had received a commission to take Fort Royal.

One thousand and seventy six English, with four hundred and fifty sailors, are under his command. Against a much smaller French force of three hundred dug in at Port Royal. Unable to breach the Fort, the army returns to Boston.

PortRoyal scn takes place
Again, in August 1707, at the request of the Governor de Vaudreuil, with 150 of his braves, he did the same again

Castin’s brother-law Pierre de Mospain (1662-1732) was both a Captain in the Army of la Nouvelle-France and a fellow privateer to Castin with his “freebooters”, and prevents the English form taking Port Royal on many occasions.

October 13, 1710. Port Royal falls to the English. Captured by Francis Nickolson the Acadian community of Port Royal is Annapolis Royal, the fort, Fort Anne. Subercase with less than 300 men capitulated to a landed force of 2,000 English. French soldiers sent home in style.

1719 The English build Fort George at Pentagoet. The Mi’kmaq and Maliseet refuse to conduct any trade with the British at Annapolis Royal.


“The French at Pentagoet 1635-1674” Alaric Faulkner &Gretchen Fearon Faulkner