Tasev Mod Manager

This utility allows you to organize you mods and quickly install them without having to waste time. All you have to do to load a mod is press a button and the mod is installed or uninstalled. Windows only, sorry macs!


  • Quick Enable/Disable – turn mods on and off in just a few seconds.
  • Backup/Restore – before installing any mods you can use this feature to make sure your aom is always safe from corruption.
  • Load/Save List – you can save a list of mods that you’ve already opened so that next time when you turn on the program you wont have to load every single mod again.
  • Mod Info – after loading a mod in the program you can click on its name and it will tell you a description of the mod in case you forgot.
  • Create New Mod – when you want to start a new mod/project you just click a button and follow the steps. There’s also the option for it to create mod folders for you such as anim, data and etc.

The latest update to this program will be released with Age of Star Wars, and a standalone soon after. For now, you can download the old version from HG.