Update 22nd July 2010

The studio continues much as it has done for the past few months – sleeping :p And Legends of Middle Earth continues to elude release, indefinitely.

Petar on the other hand has been busy working on a very robust mod utility for GRID and Dirt 2. If you’d like to know more about that, please comment on this post.

An official pre-compiled 0AD build has been released: http://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/LatestRelease If you don’t know what 0AD is, it’s a strategy game being developed voluntarily and for no profit – in other words – free to you. It’s a project that’s been worked on for more years than I can remember; certainly pre-dates LFS’s launch, and possibly Age of Mythology’s release. If I remember correctly, it was started by former senior designers of Tsunami Studios or SCNPunk. Those two teams were the best back in the Age of Kings days and were huge inspirations for Liquid Fire Studios.

Another indie game that was started during the same era and by people with similar backgrounds is Dawn of Fantasy http://dawnoffantasy.com/, and it’s just gone into closed beta. This game is much further along than 0AD due to the promise of paid work once the game is released. To be honest, I’m not sure if the game will ever see a commercial release. From what I know, the manager has been pitching the game to publishers for years without much success. I do hope the best for the project of course. I myself worked there for a month in 2006, but quickly realised the great probability of no end game.

Starcraft 2 is soon to be released next week. I’m gonna wait till I have more free time before buying it, because I will no doubt get completely hooked!

Last thing I want to say – if you’re interested in site/graphic design or 2D/3D animation, check out my site: http://sebcastilho.com/ I am currently studying Animation in university.