Update 25/03/2010

Hi there, it’s been a hwile.

Legends of Middle Earth is being playtested. The guys want the release to be perfecto 🙂

I have to say there’s not much else going on here. We won’t be starting any projects for Age of Mythology or Age of Empires 3, and that means we won’t be recruiting. Nodgene does happen to be making an AOE3 multiplayer scenario though, so I’ll keep you updated about that.

I am doing an animation degree (ba) course at the moment, which keeps me 100% busy. Who knows though, I may get a band of people together to do projects for Starcraft 2 or some Unreal Engine 3 game. Actually if you didn’t know, the engine is being offered for free to non-commercial developers, and at a small cost if you go commercial.

The forums will remain indefinitely closed until the studio becomes active again. Oh and the studio will always be around. We’ve been around too long and achieved too much to simply drop out completely. I kind of miss the old days when we were competing with Ambition Designs to get the best projects out 🙂 Shout out to Shrink and Archaeopteryx.

Last thing – A couple of people have been asking about troubles with getting some of our projects to work (eg. Incident 39, Age of Star Wars, Legends of the Third Age). I’m just going to put it straight – I personally can’t help you with that. There’s too many different factors, but I will say that if it doesn’t work then it’s usually because you have other mods installed.

As always, we appreciate that you appreciate our work and we’ll appreciate any appreciation shown through star ratings or comments 🙂

Till next time – 😉