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Date postedApril 8, 2011
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Tagsthe hobbit, fellowship of the ring, the two towers, legends of the third age, legends of middle earth, return of the king


This is the original version that was uploaded on release day 21st Feb 2011.

It has been uploaded here as the download at AOMHG became corrupted.


Project info:
Many congratulations to Stephen, his sidekick Lars and others for finishing this project.
Legends of Middle Earth is a merge of Legends of the Third Age and Stephen’s Middle Earth modpack, complete with the Two Towers campaign, plus a few scenarios for The Return of the King and The Hobbit. In addition, you are now able to play standard games against each as the race of Men, Elves, Orc or Dwarves!

On top of the hundreds/thousands of hours put into creating the new units, buildings and levels, there is also a completely original soundtrack. Please note there are also sounds and images borrowed from the movie in order to increase the realism/novelty.

All contained in a zip archive that’s less than the size of a graphics card driver.

Converts civs to Men, Elves, Orc, Dwarf.
Contains FOTR and TTT campaigns, as well as some scenarios for ROTK and The Hobbit.
All new art and music.

The reason why this is version 4.0 is just because of silly naming conventions we used during beta. Otherwise it would version 1.0