Legends of Middle Earth – The Return of the King

Well after a short break, the final instalment of the Legends of Middle Earth trilogy is in the home straight. I have a potential new scenario designer, but the main challenge will be game testing. The purpose of this thread is therefore to make available the latest version of Legends of Middle Earth and to provide a discussion page for each of the 17 ROTK Scenarios containing a link to the latest scenario version, along with discussion on any bugs encountered or improvements suggested.  I would really love to see each scenario played a number of times at a range of difficulty levels.  So if you have a few hours free please help.

As of 7 Feb 2012, of the 17 ROTK scenarios, 12 are finished awaiting testing, 1 is 70% or more complete, leaving 4 outstanding.  It is my intent to finish the project before the launch of the Hobbit Movie later this year – after which I’m open to offers.

The status of individual scenarios is:

1. The Voice of Saruman (opening cinematic) – Finished Requires Testing
2. Return to Edoras (scenario) – Finished Requires Testing
3. The Council of Edoras (cinematic) – Finished Requires Testing
4. The Defence of Osgiliath (scenario) – Finished Requires Testing
5. The Beacon is Lit (cinematic) – Finished Requires Testing
6. The Paths of the Dead (scenario) – Finished Requires Testing
7. The Forests of the Green Leaves (scenario) – Finished Requires Testing
8. Shelob’s Lair (scenario) – Finished Requires Testing
9. The Siege of Gondor (scenario) – Started – basic map only
10. The Pelennor Fields (scenario) – Started – basic map only
11. The Tower of Cirith Ungol (scenario) – Not Started
12. The Northern Front (scenario) – Finished Requires Testing
13. Return to Moria (scenario) – Started – 10% complete
14. The Black Gate is Open (scenario) – Started – 70% complete
15. The Crowning of Aragorn (cinematic) – Finished Requires Testing
16. The Scouring of the Shire (scenario) – Finished Requires Testing
17. The Grey Havens (cinematic) – Finished Requires Testing

Any assistance you can provide will be be much appreciated.

To download the current release of Legends of Middle Earth, please click on the Download Link below.  Note this release supercedes the Two Towers release on LFS and AoMH.


To Download invidudal Scenarios, please use the links above.


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